Live life in full bloom craft stencil
Live Life In Full Bloom Stencil
Live Life In Full Bloom Stencil

Live Life In Full Bloom Stencil

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Live life in full bloom reusable craft stencil.

Create your own project using our reusable stencils. You can use them to create your own sign, pillow, or even stencil it with chalk on a chalk board. Endless possibilities!

5.5"x9.5 (actual image 4x10)
6.5"x11.5" (actual image 5x10)
7.5"x13.5" (actual image 6x12)
8.5"x15.5" (actual image 7x14)
9.5"x17.5" (actual image 8x16)
10.5"x19.5" (actual image 9x18)

***All sizes are in INCHES***

Our stencils are precision cut on flexible, durable 7mil blue transparent Mylar material. Non-adhesive makes these stencils reusable, but they can be used with a spray adhesive if desired. If taken care of and cleaned after each use, they can be reused again and again.

All stencils have what are called "bridges". These bridges are small breaks in the designs to hold the stencil together. You can see an example in the second photo.

All of our stencils are manufactured and shipped from our studio in the USA!